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Support your club! The Sequoia is our fund-raising event which makes possible all the picnics, parties and other events the club hosts (you didn’t think your dues covered all that did you?). A few hundred volunteers are needed to make this event run smoothly.

The volunteer opportunities are arranged in order of date and time, with the earliest at the top. Just scroll down to find your event and register.

Volunteers who register, other than for home baking, by May 1 will receive either a gift of a one year extension of your individual club membership (or $25 towards your family membership). or (if their schedule allows) a free Sequoia registration. If you select the Sequoia registration, you will need to find the registration code on your confirmation email and use that code to register for the Sequoia as a Guest Sequoia volunteer. Your confirmation will also include a code to permit you to buy a tee shirt on the tee shirt site at a substantial discount. 

Volunteers may also ride on the Workers’ ride on June 7 and are invited to the Workers’ Picnic on June 8.

NOTE: If you’re volunteering for multiple roles, you have to sign up for them one at a time, returning to this page each time. It’s not as convenient as it could be, we know, but that’s how this software service we’re using works.

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