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routes library

  • Looking for a ”Routes Curator” to collect, organize and maintain a set of routes for use by the club’s ride leaders. If you’re interested, please contact the Ride Chair (see the Contact Us/Big Wheels page under About Us in the sidebar navigation menu). For reference, here’s a list on our old website—some routes are out-of-date and may refer to no-longer-existent roads/paths.

route planning

  • Google Maps…
    • CuegleMaps browser bookmarklet for creating editable cue sheets and elevation profiles from a route drawn on a Google Map
    • Street View movies, stitches together Street View images along a route
    • Perfilderuta (temporarily blocked as it appears to have been compromised by malware) elevation profiles with live elevation & gradient readouts
  • RideWithGPS, can switch on the fly between Google and Open Street Maps, must login with free account to create routes
  • BikeRouteToaster, can switch on the fly between Google and Open Street Maps, login not required to create routes
  • MapMyRide, displays ads to unregistered visitors
  • Public water fountains in the Bay Area
  • Altimeter comparison spreadsheet (right-/control-click to download)—data collected from Calfornia Triple Crown riders since the 1990's


emergencies & traffic law

  • non-911 emergency numbers for Santa Clara County and San Mateo County towns and unincorporated areas, for your cell phone address book: closer and therefore faster-responding than calling 911 from a cell phone
  • reporting a non-injury incident…
    1. Stay calm, get the vehicle license if possible & relevant
    2. Use the online Incident Report form to send a report to Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition for them to track & work with authorities to hold repeat offenders responsible.
    3. If you have the vehicle’s license number and description, call 1-800-TELL-CHP to report it to the CHP.
  • reporting injury accidents/property damage…
  • CA bike law on Wikipedia

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