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Hey, ride leaders! There’s a nifty online form that makes it even easier to list rides.

inital screen

To find it, go to the WWBC home page at westernwheelers.org, login, hover over the Ride Leaders' Resources link on the right-hand side of the page, and then click on Ride Listing Assistant in the dropdown menu.

step 1

To submit a ride listing for publication in next month’s Flat Tyre, click the Scheduled button, or to submit an impromptu ride listing, click the Impromptu button, and the Essential Information form will appear for you to fill in.

step 2a

The form is the same for scheduled and impromptu rides, except that the smart calendar that you use to enter the ride date knows that scheduled rides will be for next month’s Flat Tyre, and that impromptu rides must be posted by 8 pm, two calendar days in advance, and it presets the calendar options appropriately. Also, for scheduled rides but not impromptu rides, you have the option of having the ride repeat on a certain day every week.

step 2b

If you change your mind about submitting the ride, or want to start over, you can click the Clear and Cancel button at any time. The Compose/Edit button remains grayed out until you have entered all the essential information. Then you can click it to continue.

step 3a

The Composer assembles a first draft of your ride description that you now edit. You can type in the text box, and some buttons are provided to facilitate the entry of common text such as “Rain cancels.”

step 3b

Add the remaining details, proofread it, and when you are ready, click the Send It button. That’s it! The Composer knows where to send it. Scheduled rides are automatically sent to the appropriate ride coordinator, and impromptu rides are automatically sent impromptus@westernwheelers.org.

Thanks to Michael Khaw, our web master extraordinaire, for developing this Ride Listing Assistant.

P.S. If you are still using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may want to try an alternative such as Firefox. You will probably find that this Ride Listing Assistant and many other pages that you visit will display faster and better in a different browser.

—Steve Prothero

Last updated October 29, 2012.

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